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17 Oct Which should you choose? Gold or Silver?
Katerina K 0 39
Which should you choose? Gold or Silver?Wearing gold vs silver colored jewelry has been a long-debated topic and there's plenty of confusion around which metal to choose to suit yourself, your budget and your sense of style.An old style rule was that gold and silver should never be worn together. Th..
12 Oct About Gold
Katerina K 0 111
 About Gold Gold has historically been one of the most popular (and most expensive) precious metals on the planet. Pure gold is incredibly durable. It's the most non-reactive of all metals: it won't react with oxygen or most chemicals, meaning it won't tarnish, rust or perish. This makes it perfect ..
11 Oct Silver and Sterling Silver
Katerina K 0 86
1.       Silver and Sterling Silver Humans have long been entranced by sparkling silver: as jewelry, coinage, high status homewares and status symbols ... and much more besides. Silver is often used to celebrate milestones, achievements, celebrations and ceremonies, as well as for its beautiful orna..
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