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Brand: Vuraki Model: 004422
Impressive gold chain necklace with Aquamarine. A beautiful rectangular stone setted in a special bezel for your beloved ones! Ideal as a birthday present, as aquamarine is the birthstone of MarchMetal: Κ14 goldStone: Aquamarine, rectangular, 8.25ctHandmadeGuarantee: Vuraki..
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k14 gold pendant with Aquamarine and peridot
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Brand: Vuraki Model: 004424
Dainty and discreet gold chain necklace with Aquamarine and PeridotMetal: k14 goldStone: Aquamarine 2.6ct, Peridot 0.5ctHandmadeGuarantee: Vuraki..
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k14 gold pentant disk of Phaistos k14 gold pentant disk of Phaistos
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Brand: Vuraki Model: 004643
The most popular ancient finding in Crete, disk of Phaistos is now available in gold 14K. With diameter With 1.8cm diameter and gold chain 45cm long, is here to adorn your neck with a timeless and discreet beauty.Always with the guarantee for metal and manufacturer Vuraki!..
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