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Bracelet disc of Phaistos, small and discreet gold plated silver 925, diameter 1,5 cm

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A silver gold plated bracelet with the disc of Phaistos, featuring a small, circular disc made of silver, which is engraved with an intricate design. The design on the disc is believed to be a Minoan script, and it is thought to have been created by the ancient Minoan civilization on the island of Crete.

The disc was discovered in 1908 at the palace of Phaistos, and it remains one of the most mysterious and fascinating artifacts from ancient history. The bracelet is worn around the wrist and the disc is attached to the bracelet. It gives a modern and elegant look.


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Product Code: 002150

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Necklace Phaistos disc, from sterling silver with black rhodium, no3

The most popular ancient theme of all times, the Phaistos Disc, is designed as a replica of the authentic one, from the Favela team.The disc is made of sterling silver with black rhodium, giving it a unique and luxurious appearance.This small and discreet motif is the first of a very extended collection with different sizes and combinations. You can choose the desired length of the chain between 40cm and 55cm.The Phaistos Disc is an ancient artifact dating back to around 1700 BC that was discovered in the Minoan palace of Phaistos on the island of Crete. It is a circular disc made of clay and contains a series of mysterious symbols that have not been deciphered to this day. This necklace is a statement piece, and will be an elegant and unique accessory that showcases your interest in ancient history and archaeology.


Product Code: 002194

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Earrings Phaistos disc from sterling silver rhodium plated, diameter 2cm

Silver rhodium plated pin earrings with the disc of Phaistos featuring a small, circular disc. The disc is engraved with a design inspired by the Phaistos Disc, an ancient artifact discovered on the island of Crete in Greece. The Phaistos Disc is a clay tablet with a unique spiral design of unknown meaning, that was made during the Minoan civilization around the second millennium BC. These earrings are worn as a piece of jewelry and may be considered a decorative and historical item.